About me

Let me tell you about me.
First off, you have to know this blog is purely for fun. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't.

Hey, i'm Lieselotte (Lotte) 25 and live in Belgium.

I'm just a girl that's pretty optimistic in this big, mad world. I see the beauty in a lot of small things. Most people would tell you i'm a very sweet girl. But lately i don't know if that's such a good thing anymore... I freaking love my cat, Sushi. And i want a compagnon for him: A frenchie!

I have a walk-in closet, with lots of clothes, but no expensive brands. I'm trying to have a distinct style, don't wanna be a girl like one in a million. But of course there are trends that i follow like everyone else. There's been a while i didn't wear pants, only skirts and dresses. But i quit doing that. Sometimes a look is best with pants. But i still love to wear dresses more! I love the pinup girl clothing style. Oh, and i have a huge shoe collection.

Then my other passion. MUSIC. I can't play an instrument, but listen to music on daily bases and trying to go to as many concerts as possible.This year Groezrock was another highlight, seventh time i went and it just keeps getting better and better. My music interest is wide, but i mostly listen to post-hardcore, screamo and more popular rock. But listening to Katy Perry makes me happy... :)

My other interests are graphic design, make-up, baking cupcakes, going to parties and laughing with the girls.

I live together with my boyfriend and cat. Life is great at the moment <3

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