Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terrible day in Belgium

August 18, 2011... What supposed to be a good day, a beautiful day, at one of the best festivals in Belgium, Pukkelpop, became a terrible day. A storm raged over the festival ground, tents collapsed, trees fell down, hundreds of people were injured, and by now, 5 people died... If it wasn't sold out that early, i was there too. I can't even imagine it... My deepest respect goes out to the organisation. You couldn't have done it better. And a friend of mine said some beautiful words: "The 'positive' side of the story is a few hours after the storm twitter became a platform to offer help and find missing people. We don't have a government, we can't play soccer but we do know what solidarity is!"

My heart and thoughts are with every single victim of that day.

Rest in peace, Wendy & Marlo

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