Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marble Nails

Something new i picked up last week, marble nails. It's a crazy effect on your nails. Really pretty, but it takes lots of time, work and nailpolish.
All you need is a small cup of water, nailpolishes in different colors and a toothpick.
On the pic below you'll see how it works. It looks easy, but it isn't...
Tried two times, and failed miserably. My nailpolish won't spread out on the surface.
The first two drops i put in the water spread out, but from the third drop, they don't anymore.

Do any of you guys have tricks for that? I used plain water, on room temperature. Maybe i should try bottled water, or warmer?

Tomorrow i'm going to a girlsnight, and i'll try it there on someone else's nails, maybe that will work better.

Pic from Hey Nice Nails

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