Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Declutter your life

Today i've read an article in Flair, about decluttering your life. It spoke to me so much, i really think i need to do this. The journalist throws away something every day, for 30 days. One day it's something little, like old make-up, the other day it's something huge for her, like the expensive pair of boots she bought with her first paycheck years ago. But she doesn't need it anymore, so she throws it away. That may sound weird, why would she do that? But i can believe you have a great feeling after that. And hey, out of sight is out of heart, right? The main reasons to throw away something is that it reduces stress and time. And when you finally decided you don't need that much material things to live a fulfilling life, you won't buy so much...

2 months ago, i gave lots of clothes to charity, but i still have a feeling i have way too much. We have a 2 bedroom apartment, where the tiny second room is my dressing. A whole room! (A tiny one, yes, but still) At first i loved it, but now i'm just thinking, how can i have all that clutter? It's not just clothes, anything that i don't need for more than a week, i just toss it in there. I'm sick of it ;)

I don't think i'm gonna do the "30 day task" but when i have a spare day (when will that be?) i'll attack the second bedroom and just throw lots of stuff in a big bag for charity. And for the clothes i can't decide just yet, i'll put the hangers backwards. As i wear clothes, i'll turn the hanger around. Anything that is still backwards for, let's say, 6 months, i'll toss away. Probably i would get some money for most of the stuff, but why bother? It would be a huge project and it 'd only take more time. So, all to charity, they'll be happy too! And did i mention the shoes? Omg, all the shoes i'm gonna throw away!! :) And maybe i'll have to attack the bathroom as well. 

Aah, so much planning & wishful thinking, maybe i'll have to declutter my head first...

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