Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ombre hair

The newest trend: Ombre hair.

Of course, i've spotted it first on pinterest. Blue, purple, red... Name it, and someone has an ombre in that color. Very bold, not everyone dares to do something like that. Even the casual version, brown hair with lighter points, i was very sceptical about at first.
If i would try it, wouldn't it look like i dyed my hair 3 months ago and was to lazy to dye it again? I saw the advertising for the l'Oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombrés, and the next day i went to the shop to buy it. First i chickened out, but if something went wrong, i could dye it dark brown again, so i went for it!

It's actually pretty easy! Just follow the instructions and because of the comb you can't mess it up. One tip: Use an OLD towel to lay across your shoulders - you will stain it...

My hair is dark brown and it's been dyed in a dark red for two years now, and this is the result!

It's very subtle, but that's good for the first time! You had to leave it in for 30 - 45 minutes. Because i was a bit scared, i left it in for 30 minutes. Maybe i'll make it a little lighter next month. So happy with it, only my grandma didn't really like it ;)

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