Friday, February 25, 2011

What's in my bag?

The post everyone has done, but stays fun!

The bag i'm currently using:
Friis and company, scored in the sales.
It's a big bag, which i love, everything fits in it.

1. Dayplanner: I really need this for the irregular hours i'm working. And it's great to always have pictures of my loved ones with me.

2. Magazine: For all the hours i'm on the train. I'll always have Flair with me, a dutch magazine. Sometimes a book, but that's so heavy...

3. Wallet: Everybody needs one :) This one is from Pieces, basic and classic, i love it!

4. Glasses: My eyes aren't that bad, but on some moments i really need one. This summer i want a new model! A geeky one ^^

5. I-Pod: Aaaah, I can't live without my I-pod! I obviously need the pink cover and headphone ;) Music is my life. At the moment i'm mostly listening to Underoath's new album Disambiguation.

6. Lip Balm: The all time favorite labello (with a little touch of color) But also one of the body shop, it smells great.

7. Keys: You can't see, but the key ring is a cupcake.
    Badge: The H&M badge. "How can i help you?"

8. Cellphone: The most amazing cellphone, a pink nokia C3, totally me.

9. Gloves and hat: Unfortunately there's still no sunshine in little belgium, so i really need these accessories.


  1. Agenda is usually called a journal or a dayplanner in English ^^

    I love bag contents! Why are guys always asking why we cary big bags! I mean look at all the neccesairy and amazing stuff we cary around!

  2. Thanks, i'll change it :)

    Haha, i know, and when i look at it, that's not too much, most of the time i carry way more stuff with me than this.