Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue eye make-up

Finally a day off, so i can experiment with make-up. I did a bleuish make-up. It 's not for everyday, because it has a blue eyeliner. If you change that to a black one, it could be an everyday make-up. Really cute when you have a blue top on in the same colors.

First picture is just a base, beige. I used a pearl eyeshadow from Bourjois, color beige-rosé. I always use this for a base, or just like that. It's a pretty color anyway.

Second i used the palet from Claire's. The quality isn't that good, especially for the lighter colors. But the blue is good, it stands out, just like it has to. The color most pops out on my eyelashes and the arc of my eyes. A classic method. I also used it under my eye.

Third, i did a brown in the arc of my eye, to give some more depth. I used the eyeshadow from H&M. I love the make-up from H&M, it's cheap and it's really pigmented.

And fourth, used a liquid eyeliner from Hema. That's a dutch company, has a lot of thing, and doesn't cost much. I love liquid eyeliners. I had to practice a lot, but now i can't miss it anymore!

Oh, and i didn't use mascara, because i'm going for a swim tonight, and don't wanna look like a panda... But as all off you know, mascara is essential!

Make-up i used

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