Friday, March 4, 2011


I bought a jumpsuit today, and i just f***ing love it! This time i combined it with high heels and a classy necklace, but my boyfriend can't wait to see me in this with my adidas sneakers. I do look a bit fat in this, but i don't mind. It would be silly of me to not wear clothes anymore that i love, because i look a size bigger. When you feel good, you look good!

Necklace, jumpsuit and shoes - H&M

Oooh, i'm wearing pants... And i wouldn't anymore... But this is an exception! :)


  1. Blogger ate my comment! I love his look on you! And what's all this fat talk, laatste tijd zie ik hier en daar van die commentjes van je. Niks te fat! Curves are beautifull ;)

  2. Aaah, maar 't is nog zo moeilijk om me uit te drukken in het engels: Ik zie er wel breder uit met deze jumpsuit ;)

    And damn yeah, curves are beautiful! :)